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Six Degrees of Separation by Taylor V. Donovan

Six Degrees of Separation - Taylor V. Donovan

I think my tastes are really changing because I know there are m/m books like this that I rated highly a few years ago when I first started reading this genre. But these days the inanity of some of the characters and plots just puts me right off. 


On the positive side this is a fluffy smexy soap opera story about cops and their friends chasing killers no doubt meant to be read for fun and not taken seriously. 


Negatives for me.

This is the second book in a series and I had real trouble remembering who any of the characters were seeing as the previous book was published nearly two years ago. The two MC's Sam and Mac are big muscly he-men who have rough manly sex punctuated with girlish declarations and annoying pet-names like 'Kitten'. They are surrounded by a lot of other very attractive gay men who I kept getting mixed up. None of these highly trained sexy men can find the serial killer who I think has killed about 9 men so far??? I'm not sure. Maybe 15. (I'm having flashbacks to the Cut & Run series whose protagonists always had ridiculous difficulty catching the most obvious and easy to apprehend villains.)


The books end on cliffhangers for the MC's and all their friends who are also in and out of relationships with each other. So even though I didn't really like the book I'm still tempted to read on.


The portrayal of women. What can I say except 'Oh Dear!'. It's so offensive and one-dimensional that it's funny. I have a disturbing feeling that by the end of the series ALL of the male couples will end up with children as their female relatives/friends/ex-wives are locked up/killed off/declared unfit mothers.