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Review: The Immortal Rules

The Immortal Rules - Julie Kagawa

I'd heard a lot of good things about this author but I ran hot and cold with this story. It starts with a tough but lacking in personality heroine living on the edge of a dystopian society ruled by vampires. Allie makes some really poor decisions which get her fellow 'fringers' killed and sees her turned into a vampire. There's a distinct lack of originality in this section of the book. When Allie is 'turned' it felt like I'd been thrown back into the old vampire mythology loved by paranormal romance. 


It wasn't until about halfway through that I started to become involved with the characters and story. Allie starts to become a better person through her attempts to remain 'human' at heart. The action really ramps up when Allie joins a group of humans searching for Eden (a mythical place free of vamps). She is constantly torn between keeping her vampishness hidden and helping the humans, especially young leader, Zeke. There are some really sad losses among the secondary characters and some very interesting twists in the plot. The romance is satisfyingly low key at this early stage of the series. More a building up of their friendship and trust.


This is the sort of book that rewards persistence and I loved the way it ended, even though it's a cliffie. The whole story seems to be expanding out into new places and dangers. Should I read book 2 or wait for book 3 to come out next year? I'm reading so many fantasy series lately that I think I''ll have a heart attack if I have to suffer any more cliffhanger endings!