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Review: Obsession

Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout

This book is an Adult spin-off of a YA Paranormal series. The hero is a member of the group who were the 'bad-guys' in the original series. There are two alien species (Luxen and Arum) that have been secretly assimilating into Earth society for years. Neither side have good intentions towards humans.


Serena's friend Mel tells her a crazy story about her boyfriend not being human. Not long after Mel is killed and the boyfriend (a Luxen) and his family want to eliminate Serena as well. The human Department of Defense assign a powerful and arrogant Arum, Hunter, to safeguard Serena from the Luxen.


Perhaps if I read the other series first this would have been more enjoyable. Serena is introduced with no back story and no insights into her personality apart from the fact that she is feisty. When she was plunged into trouble, just a couple of pages into the book, I didn't really care because I didn't know her. Nor was it really convincing that the alien Hunter would pick her out of all humans to fall in love with. Apparently blonde hair and an argumentative nature can get you a hot alien boyfriend. I should be in with a good chance then.


Hunter is a cardboard cutout of the Alpha A*hole trope. Nothing new to see there. The plot is fairly slim and it felt like it was trying to fit into a time frame set by the other series. The whole story revolves around the two leads hiding out and being attacked by various baddies. 


It's not a bad story just a mediocre example of the paranormal romance genre. I'd probably recommend this for fans of the Lux series.