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Review: Re-entry Burn

Re-Entry Burn - Katey Hawthorne

We first met Mallory as the bad guy in Riot Boy. This is his story and it start several years later upon his release from jail and follows him for a year afterwards as he learns to fit back into society and falls in love with another ex-con Theo.


This book has a slower more introspective pace but at the same time it's intense. The author's gift for realistically portraying 20-something men is evident. The dialogue is natural. And the sex scenes... Wow! I should be peppering my review with flashing pictures of gorgeous men because they are truly gif-worthy. 

The author spends plenty of time on the rehabilitation aspects of Mal's emotional recovery too which I really appreciate. The ghost of Brady (Mal's beloved cousin from book 1 who turned on Mal and got him sent to jail) haunts Mal throughout the book and there is a poignant conclusion to that in the epilogue. The supernatural element is not a huge feature. Instead it's used to emphasise Mal's and Theo's alienation from society. Throughout the books the theme is more of disenfranchised youth rather than sparkly paranormal beings.


Maybe one or two too many sex scenes and towards the end it loses some momentum but overall I really enjoyed it and it's possibly my favourite of the series. It can easily be read as a standalone so if you haven't tried this series yet, give it a go.