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Review: The Stars That Tremble

The Stars that Tremble - Kate McMurray

A romance between a blue collar worker and a former world-famous opera singer. Giovanni Boca lost his voice after an operation and now teaches young singers. A 14 year old student Emma McPhee shows a lot of promise and Gio becomes attracted to her renovator single father.

Opera is a big theme in this story. All the descriptive scenes and a lot of the romantic dialogue is peppered with opera references. For the most part it works and adds a lovely atmosphere but occasionally it tips over into silly. For example after a sex scene when the paragraph ends "Mike's arms came around him, and their lips met in a soft kiss as Gio came down from the orgasm.  With one last flourish from the conductor, it was over. Bravo!" (Who is speaking there?? It felt like the author was commenting in her own novel.)


I couldn't connect with the two MC's. Their encounters were polite and stilted. Nothing about their relationship was subtle and left for the reader to discover. It was all telling. The evil stage-mother conflict was so predictable.


Even though a lot of work was obviously put into getting the opera references correct I found the novel to be uninteresting and was relieved when it ended.