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Review: Steelheart

Steelheart - Brandon Sanderson

Steelheart puts a different spin on the superhero story. In this dystopian world the appearance of a new star called Calamity started the rise of Epics from the human population. But the Epics are not the good guys. As a child David sees his father injure Steelheart, the most powerful of the Epics. The story is from his perspective as an 18 year old, bent on revenge and hoping to hook up with the Reckoners, a band of humans who fight back.


All the pieces of this superhero plot are well thought out. I was completely caught up in the action. Steelheart is an enigmatic and seemingly invincible villain. I had no idea what his weakness was until David realised at the climax of the novel. The whole storyline is quite fascinating and I am really looking forward to following this series and finding the answers to all the questions book 1 leaves open.


I didn't get David's thing with the metaphors. His awkward crush on Meghan felt a little forced and aimed purely at the YA market. He seems to be almost too lucky and smart to be true at times. But other than that he was a good hero. I thought this book had a real 'Heroes - the TV series' vibe.