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Review: Love Lessons

Love Lessons - Heidi Cullinan

A contemporary romance about gay Casanova, Walter, and his new room-mate, the idealistic and innocent Kelly. This book starts out really well. Walter's revolving-door policy with men comes to an abrupt halt as he becomes obsessed with Kelly and the dynamic between the two guys causes a lot of yummy sexual tension. 


About halfway through the guys get together and from then the story slows right down and concentrates mostly on Walter's emotional problems. As with a few of this author's stories the spectre of chronic illness (in this case Walter's anxiety) weigh things down and Kelly seems to become more of a carer than a new boyfriend. I think the epilogue is supposed to lighten things up again but it didn't really work for me.


Interesting secondary characters but I thought the bridezilla behaviour of Cara was overdone. Great sex scenes and I could have done with a couple more in the second half instead of all the sadness around Walter's parents and teacher. Lots of engaging movie and music references. I was left feeling curious about the Disney movie Tangled which I don't know anything about.


So I quite enjoyed this book but it has more of a Depressed Ever After than a Happy Ever After vibe.