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Review: Unteachable

Unteachable - Leah Raeder

I can see why so many readers enjoyed this novel but unfortunately it didn't work for me. It's got an anti-heroine (as opposed to the anti-hero who is so popular in romance these days). The author has made Maise fairly messed up on the surface. She doesn't seem to have any friends. She uses her looks to seduce older men and sleeps with them to replace the father who abandoned her. But in fact, for someone who was raised by a drug dealing, addict mother, she was surprisingly focused. 


The writing especially in the beginning was raw and poetic and the sexual attraction scenes had a lot of impact. But then the plot and the secondary characters really let it down. I hated Maise's friend Wesley. He was a hasty composite of every platonic boyfriend of the typical YA heroine. I hated that Maise forgave him and they became friends again. Talk about going back to men who are bad for you! The whole drug lord thing was so unrealistic. And the mum's rehabilitation? Yeah sure. 


The romance felt like it belonged in an erotica novel rather than a NA novel. It was all about the lust and titillation of the student/teacher affair. It was the first time in a romance novel that I was sure the couple would break up within a month. 


This wasn't the story for me. I skimmed a lot just so it would be over quicker.