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Review: Painted Faces

Painted Faces - L.H. Cosway

Quirky unusual romance between a happy-go-lucky Irish lass and a straight drag queen. This book really plays with all the boundaries and preconceptions to create a swoonworthy hero out of an unlikely man. But Nicholas doesn't steal the all limelight. Freda is excellent. Friendly, loyal, a little prudish. She sticks to her guns and wins her man in the most satisfying tradition of romantic fiction. The sexual chemistry between these two really works.


You just get a glimpse into the cabaret/drag scene. It's really not explored in detail. I loved that it wasn't preachy and concentrated on the romance between Freda and Nicholas. Some of the m/m I've read is excruciatingly pc to the point where you feel like you're reading a promotional leaflet. I totally bought the reason why Nicolas lived his life the way he did and his painful longing for his mum was tenderly executed.


The setting in the poorer streets of Dublin was such a treat. I was getting a big "The Commitments" vibe while reading. No doubt enhanced by the feckless, enthusiastic friends they had and the many music references.


The Aaron storyline was a little weak and the epilogue was cheesy. I think Freda's self-image was not supported by the facts. She is definitely a looker and her repeated comments about her weight lacked real conviction. The writing and editing is average but the unusual story and characters make up for it.