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Review: Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant - Jen Archer Wood, Svetlana Fictionalfriend

If you like the Gothic horror style of writing you should enjoy this. The book starts with a flashback to 12 year old Ben and Nicholas on the run from a winged monster in the woods. Fast forward a few years and Ben's declaration of love to his best friend Nicholas goes down badly so Ben leaves town. 10 years later Ben, now a successful writer, returns to his small hometown to find his muse and reconnect with his emotionally distant father.


In the afterword the author acknowledges this novel started as a work of fanfiction and other reviews I read say that it's based on the characters Dean and Castiel from the TV series Supernatural. The story is much more derivative than its AU classification implies. It could easily be an episode from the series. And if not, it should be.


The concept for the horror story is based on the Mothman prophecies and is quite interesting. Although I think it would have been more effective if more were left to our imagination. The monster and its motivations are too clearly explained. The 'conversations' Ben had with Raziel (an age-old supernatural being) were gratingly modern at times. The scariest, and the most well written part, is the first scene with the 12 year old boys.


It's a long book and the author explores in depth themes of home, family, rejection, love, and the afterlife. Ben is sad and isolated most of the time and his romance with Nicholas has lots of ups and downs. What I really enjoyed about this book (and that's true of most fanfiction - as opposed to published novels) is that I got to spend time with the heroes after their HEA. The last few pages are very satisfying in terms of emotional resolution and new beginnings.


There was a secondary character, Dawson, around whom there were some emotional undercurrents that never played out. I got the feeling that if I knew which Supernatural character he was supposed to be I would have understood what was going on. As it was I was totally confused by his place in the book.


The artwork, even though it's not seen at its best on my kindle, is haunting and beautiful.


Their were some showy similes that felt silly. "His smile was like a Dylan album and a cup of coffee on a sunny afternoon."


In general though it's an entertaining read which should appeal to fans of Supernatural fanfic and m/m horror romance.