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Review: Through The Smoke

Through the Smoke - Brenda Novak

I couldn't finish it. I'm giving 2 stars for the part that I read.


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18% - Not living up to my expectations at all. Horrible heroine.

Rachel blames everyone else for the tribulations she suffers. Her drunken uncaring father accepted money to kill the Earl's wife which Rachel and her family knew about and spent although he told his family that he didn't do it. When the Earl begs her to tell him some details about this to clear his own name she initially refuses then reneges when her mother is at death's door from cholera. When her mother dies while the Earl, Rachel and the doctor are struggling through terrible weather to get to Rachel's house, Rachel blames him for her mother's death. The Earl leaves some money for Rachel to cover her mother's funeral but Rachel decides, in true TSTL form, to take off in the middle of the night on a donkey to the Earl's estate to give it back to him. The Earl's cousin (Oooh! Could he possibly be the real killer??? *sarcasm*), catches up with her on the road and when she falls from her horse and loses consciousness he places her naked in the Earl's bed. Then follows one of the most annoying tropes in romance - the 'sex while you're asleep' plot device. Rachel physically responds to the Earl during the lovemaking but incredibly only wakes up just as he takes her virginity. Of course this means that Rachel can continue to take the moral high ground because she wasn't really 'awake' when she was humping him. To make things worse there is a rival for the Earl, a unionist who is searching for ways to take down the Earl's mines and it looks like Rachel is going to work for him in secret by exploiting the Earl's affections for her. 

(show spoiler)

Aaargh! Rachel's moral outrage is totally pissing me off. It is so misplaced.