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Mistborn - Group Read for the Science Fiction and Fantasy group

Mistborn: The Final Empire  - Brandon Sanderson

About page 60?


How can they breathe with all the ash in the air?? How creepy are the Inquisitors? Loving all the guys in the team but their plan just has DISASTER written all over it. I really like Vin but her constant references to how she can't trust people makes me think there is a big betrayal in her future. BTW I am loving this book!


Page 27


Like most fantasy novels this one has a staggered start as the themes, settings and characters are introduced. I was up to page 27 when I turned the page and saw the heading, "Part One'. Umm... What have I just been reading? Turns out it was a long prologue. And before that was an italicised monologue from an un-named hero. I'm guessing that the hero is Kelsier?


But it's good so far. An oppressed people, allusions to strange powers, evildoers and heroes. The small italicised intro to Part One is from the POV of a self-proclaimed 'religious tyrant'. I wonder who he will be? I'm already well engaged with the story.




Starting a day late so I have some catching up to do. The only other book of Brandon Sanderson's I have read was Steelheart which was an enjoyable YA take on the superhero myth. It had a very memorable villain. However the weakest part was the ubiquitous YA 'romance'. It felt forced and lacking in chemistry. The cynical side of me feels that authors are adding 'YA' tags to just about anything these days to up sales. 


So I'm looking forward to this earlier adult fantasy which starts off with the hero posing a question that cuts straight to the heart of all epic fantasy novels. "Do they have the wrong man?"