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Review: The Duchess War by Courtney Milan

The Duchess War - Courtney Milan

I think I'll keep my reading progress notes as my review. I know I should be satisfied with half star ratings but I can't resist saying that I'd give this book 3.75 stars. Not quite a 4 for me.


 2% - Just a few pages in and I thought it had a very accomplished first chapter. Even the first line, "Robert Blaisdell, the ninth Duke of Clermont, was not hiding", immediately intrigued me. Then the setting became clear as his whereabouts were described, "Still, through the wavy planes of aging glass, he could make out the darkened stone of the church directly across the way. Lamplight cast unmoving shadows on the pavement below. A pile of handbills had once been stacked against the doors, but an autumn breeze had picked them up and scattered them down the street, driving them into puddles."


8% - "It's your tits [...} They're magnificent". So unexpected and LOL!

16% - I love that their conflict is based around a battle of wits. There is nothing more sexy than intelligence. Although I think he does go overboard a little in his assessment of Minnie's strategems, "She'd been fending of his attempts at conversation with half her attention, lecturing him on strategy, and pretending to be a shy lump for anyone who was watching. And while she'd done that, she'd also been tracking her friend's escalating drama from across the room. My God. His head hurt just thinking about all the threads she must have been keeping straight in her mind." I'll give him a pass this time cause he is obviously smitten.


60% - I just looked at the progress bar and realised I'm a lot further ahead than I thought. The story is really drawing me in. At a point in the story now with lots of pain and fear and betrayal. I'm hoping Minnie gets her head out of her ass soon because, Ack! Robert... hang in there man!


100% - HEA although I'm left feeling a little somber at the end. All those secrets and betrayals were well explained. I couldn't say that any of them lacked credibility. But it stopped me from being completely swept away by Minnie and Robert. It was all just a little too calculating. From this experience I find Courtney Milan to be a really good writer. She took chances with her characters, she took the time to create an evocative setting, and the plot was intriguing. In any case I liked it well enough to go straight onto book 2, The Heiress Effect.