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Review: Unbound

Unbound - Cara McKenna

I guess it shows this author's skill that she can take two tropes (overweight heroine and fem/dom) that aren't top of my list and turn them into a sexy and surprisingly gentle tale.


Merry's just lost a lot of weight and her ex-boyfriend and ex-friend have ditched her for daring to improve herself. She goes on a hiking holiday in Scotland and when she falls ill, takes shelter in an isolated cabin with a mysterious man.


This story has a lot to do with addiction and the way it affects ourselves and our relationships. And I mean addiction in all it's forms from food to alcohol to sexual kinks. Ultimately it's about acceptance because really, they never go away.


Both characters are appealing and understandable. Their gradual evolution into a D/s relationship (with Merry in the dominant role) is organic and sexy. For a D/s story it's very gentle and definitely not hard-core. It's more an examination of the beginning of that sort of sexual encounter. The author doesn't make it easy for these guys to find their HEA. And when they do get it, after some conflict and separation, it makes for a very satisfying finish. 


Ultimately though I like my heroes to be a lot more Alpha and Rob was just too passive and needy.