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Hi Lyndi,


I'm trying out your 'How to easily embed a Font' tutorial and I've come to a stop in this part:


"Now you need to find the coding for your menu. It's called div class="menu" so it should be easy to find. Since I've already edited mine, I can't guarantee what your code will look like, but you should be able to find something that looks like this:


a class="menu-active set-bradius3" href="{{ navigation.blog }}"


See in my screen shot below. See the line that says, "{{ "Blog"|l }}"


That is the closest I can find to your above mentioned code. Is that the right one? If so do I insert the Google font code after this, "{{ navigation.blog }}" and 

before this, {{ "Blog"|l }}  ?


Or is this the wrong place and I need to keep looking? Thanks a lot, Mandy.s