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Review: Prisoner

Prisoner - Megan Derr

An m/m fantasy written by a 14 year old schoolgirl. At least it felt that way. The theme was twu wuv and virtually every character introduced had to be paired up and given a HEA. It was as if the author doesn't know the value of strong friendships, brotherhoods, beloved mentors, or family ties in epic fantasy. The "worldbuilding" was so superficial. Many of the characters actions were inexplicable. For example why did Dieter keep Beracht alive when he had killed hundreds of his men. And why did Dieter stay loyal to the king who hated him and plotted his downfall. The story was about 3 different kingdoms many miles apart and took place in severe winter weather but characters seemed to just pop up in one place or the other with no record of them having journeyed there. Anticlimactic defeats of the bad guys. The two female characters were a whore and a nagging shrew. Typos and grammatical errors abound. It's just a very poor excuse for a story really.