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Review: Bone Rider

Bone Rider - J. Fally

This is a crazy, enjoyable ride about aliens, cowboys, Russian mobsters and the U.S. Army. What is amazing is that the author could fit some romance in there too.


It's essentially a big prolonged chase scene. The book starts out with an alien ship crashlanding on Earth. The aliens use sentient liquid metal armor and when they are attacked by U.S. forces one of these sentient armor beings slips away from it's alien host and attaches itself to a passing driver. The driver, Riley Cooper, was on the run from his boyfriend after discovering he was a mob hitman. Soon everyone is after Riley; the U.S. Army, his pining boyfriend Misha, and Misha's disapproving father, the head of the Russian Mob. 


Riley's a fun character. An easy-going cowboy. Hurting but unable to show it. Somehow he adapts easily to McClane (the name chosen by the alien) and some poignant (and smutty) times follow as the two find a sense of belonging and safety together. Their connection is not a threat to Riley's love for Misha though. The author is able to keep this complex triangle very clear and non-fans of menage (like me) will still find the romance between Riley and Misha very satisfying.


There are plenty of secondary characters and none of them are baddies. They just are what they are and I especially LOVED the three Russian mobsters, Misha, Andrej and Kolya.  So sexy! The chase/action scenes are suspenseful and loads of fun. There a quite a few laughs to be had as well. Riley gets to bust a few kick-ass moves too as he defends himself and his friends. 


The negative side to this story is the massive suspension of disbelief it requires from the reader. McClane's 'voice' was too modern and indistinguishable from the humans. The whole acceptance of McClane happened pretty fast and I had trouble believing the U.S. Army would be conducting mass airstrikes on roadside diners. BUT I got the feeling the whole time I was reading that the story was deliberately OTT and I was more than happy to go along for the ride.