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Review: Disasterology

Disasterology 101 - Taylor V. Donovan

I didn't believe in these two as a couple unfortunately. Usually I enjoy MC's with an intellectual or mental health issue but I found Cedric to be fairly aggressive when he wasn't in the throes of one of his episodes. The over-used term 'pet' grated on my nerves. I'm not sure why. I know that using a character with a real life disability and not sugar-coating the difficulties this causes in their love life is particularly popular with m/m authors. But for me this characterisation went too far. There wasn't much to Cedric apart from his severe OCD and I couldn't understand what Kevin could possibly see in him. The 'realism' of Cedric's character highlighted the unreality of Kevin's tolerance and devotion. 

One of my pet peeves is when an author tries to convey how well her MC's get on by writing that 'they talked all night', or 'they stayed up all night discussing their favourite pizza toppings, favourite colours and where they went to school'. This is not a direct quote from Disasterology but the same generalities are used. I much prefer strong dialogue in a book so that I can see for myself the connection between the two MC's. I feel that better dialogue and an injection of humour would have made me enjoy this a lot more. Especially considering the prolonged case of blue balls