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Review: The Judas Strain

Judas Strain: A Sigma Force Novel - James Rollins

Enjoyable if totally unbelievable action thriller. I didn't realise at first but this is book 4 in a series. I missed some of the references and the characters backgrounds but they were fairly shallow to start with so I don't think I missed much.


It feels like the author has thrown every possible idea at this story. There's exploding diseased humans, a hijacked luxury cruise liner, the famous Christmas Island crabs, kidnapped elderly parents, an all-powerful evil organisation, killer octopuses, cannibals, a world-destroying mysterious flesh-eating disease, ancient religious artifacts which hold the key to human survival, Marco Polo, glowing angels, treasure maps, heroic spies, Asian temples, etc, etc, etc. I could go on for ages. The mix of myths and religion are fun but I felt like the author was really grasping at straws putting all this stuff together. The 'science' behind the killer bacteria is specious. 


Surprisingly it all comes together at the end except for one of the heroes who seems to be dead except... wait... his spare artificial hand is found in his garage tapping out the Morse code... SOS...SOS...SOS!


BAHAHAHAHA!!!! That hand thing had me in stitches. Best part of the book.