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Review: Sex And Sourdough

Sex & Sourdough - A.J.  Thomas

I snuck in a little light romance between longer reads. This one started out well with two guys with lots of emotional baggage getting to know each other on the Appalachian Trail. Beautiful setting and the UST, the trekking scenes and the encounters with others on the trail were appealing. One of the guys has a dreadful illness which is such a favourite plot device of m/m authors that you could almost study medicine with the vast number of 'disease of the week' romances that are published. But it's not done too badly here.


Once they got off the trail the story lost it's mojo. Anders family are ridiculous caricatures. Everyone is wealthy, even the sick guy who left school at 16. The second favourite plot device of m/m authors is the stalker storyline and it's used here in a very clichéd way. The sourdough metaphor was overused. I got it the first hundred times I saw that word in the text.