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Review: Clean Sweep

Clean Sweep -  Ilona Andrews

This is part one of a serial story the authors had on their blogsite. It's a Scifi/Urban Fantasy mash-up about Dina Demille who's trying to get her inn, The Gertrude Hunt Bed & Breakfast back to its former (supernatural) glory. In the meantime her neighbourhood is being attacked by wild animals and there's a new werewolf in town who's peeing on her trees.


We're dropped right into this story without a lot of build-up. Dina is a bit of a Kate clone but I love Kate so who cares! The story was full of action and the male leads were deliciously Alpha. I loved the unique symbiotic relationship Dina had with her Inn and the abilities it gave her. I could read a whole other story about that different planet Dina and Sean travelled to. The Scifi stuff felt a little awkwardly tacked on to the paranormal stuff at times. The mystery of her parents and the partings at the end of the story really make me want to pick up book 2 next year.