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Review: Break Out

Break Out - Nina Croft

Disappointing but then it's only 140 pages so I don't know why I'm surprised at the lack of back-story, character development and world building. 


So the hero is a vampire... in outer space. He owns and pilots a ship called El Cazador de la Sangre. Rico the vampire is thousands of years old and was born back on Earth at the time of the Spanish Inquisition, hence the spanish spaceship name. He's the only vampire in the story and apparently the only one in existence. It feels like a total gimmick and doesn't add anything at all to the story except as an explanation for his superhuman strength and sexy flashing fangs.


The heroine is a member of the immortal Collective. She was married at one time but her husband decided to live out a normal life while she decided to take the treatment and become immortal. She decided this while they were still young and together!!!! I have no idea why the author thinks this briefly mentioned piece of Skylar's history is going to endear the character to me. It just made me think she was a selfish bitch. Skylar is lifeless, and uninspiring. She's supposed to be a kind of super-soldier but don't expect to see much action or any semblance of a backbone. She spends the whole book losing her knickers every time Rico looks at her. 


There is a mixed crew on the ship. They are occasionally interesting but their personalities all miss the mark. For example it's obvious that the captain, Tannis, is supposed to be tough but with a heart of gold. But she just comes across as mean. The other crew members are all really disloyal to Rico. Admittedly he only pays them and doesn't socialise with them but they gang up to 'save' Skylar from his wicked sexy intentions (even though Skylar shows no desire to be saved). 


The last few chapters really set the reader up for future volumes in this series but I won't be buying them. I just didn't like anyone in this book and I finished it with a sigh of relief. The good thing about this story was that it only cost 99 cents.