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Review: The Grendel Affair

The Grendel Affair - Lisa Shearin

I'm happy to report that my first book of 2014 is a winner! The Grendel Affair is the first novel in a promising new urban fantasy series.


Makenna Fraser is an endearing heroine. A journalism degree got her out of her small home town to a job on a tabloid journal in New York. But Mac is a Seer (she sees behind the veils concealing non-humans) and the truth behind her stories brings her to the attention of SPI (Supernatural Protection & Investigations) and a new job protecting humans and supernaturals. 


At SPI Mac is partnered with Ian, an experienced ex-cop, and assisted by an assortment of human and supernatural colleagues. She's the noobie. Prone to freezing at the worst possible moment, using unorthodox means to help her friends, and generally embarrassing herself whenever she's in the spotlight. But she's plucky. And she's definitely not a TSTL Mary Sue. Her action scenes are very funny as are the teasing reactions of her workmates.


The story is relentlessly fast-paced and action-packed. For a while in the middle of the story I was hoping for some down time to get to know the protagonists a little better but then I was hooked again as the tension rose. The secondary characters shone. There were plenty of them but they all stood out as individuals and I'm looking forward to their future stories as well as Mac's and Ian's. There are hints of office romances to come and I can't wait till book 2 (The Dragon Conspiracy) comes out later this year.