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Review: Kris Longknife: Mutineer

Mutineer - Mike Shepherd

Book one in a military scifi series.


15% - It starts off with our heroine Kris Longknife leading a mission on another planet to rescue a kidnapped child. She's a newly appointed Navy Ensign on a large spaceship. I was put off right from the start by all the angsting over the child and the flashbacks to Kris's own brother was was kidnapped and died. The way it was worded was so clunky and so obviously a ploy to play on the reader's heartstrings. It was like a promotional ad for joining the armed forces. The actual rescue mission was interesting.


28% - I find this book lacking in plausibility. Kris's parents are a nightmare and she doesn't get along with her older brother. So why does she return there for leave and persuade her colleague to go with her? I got confused by all the politics and they both had a terrible time. She should have gone to her friend's home planet instead. I'm pushing on but at this point I'm not convinced I'll be reading more books in the series.


33% - Going to stop here because I'm just not feeling it. DNF