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Review: Steel World

Steel World - B.V. Larson

38% - I'm kinda liking this one. This is only the fourth Military Scifi book I've read (Starship Troopers 100 years ago, then John Scalzi's Old Man's War, then Kris Longknife: Mutineer (which I DNF), and now Steel World. Steel World is full of adventure, strange planets, scary aliens, loads of battle scenes and weapons tech and has a similar feel to Old Man's War. At least it's not taking a cheap shot at my heartstrings with constant teary mentions of 'Little Eddie' (like in KLM). There's nothing deep about this book or its hero but McGill is a satisfying main character made up of equal parts of courage, intelligence, subversiveness and sarcastic humour.


Finished - Great final battle scenes. I'm intrigued by the glimpses of the shadowy Galactic Empire and how McGill will avoid his enemies in the future. I'll definitely pick up book two when it comes out.