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Stuff I'm reading... Mostly romance and Scifi/Fantasy.

My New Year Reading Resolutions


1. Reduce my TBR from 1000+ to 100. A lot of ruthless slashing and deleting will be going on. If it has been on the list for more than 6 months it gets deleted automatically. The rest will be judged harshly.


2. Read less this year. I know that sounds shocking but for the past few years I've been buying books fairly indiscriminately, feeding my addiction to romance novels and going for quantity rather than quality. Ereaders and the 'One-Click' purchase have been my downfall. This year I'm going to put more thought into what I buy. I'll still read a lot, just not the crazy amounts I used to.


3. Tidy up my book accounts. Transfer my remaining reviews from GR to BL and delete them from GR. Tidy up all the blank book covers on my BL shelves.


4. Try genres I've avoided in the past. Literary fiction and I have never been friends. Although there have been brief love affairs in the past (Poisonwood Bible I still dream of you!). This year I'm going to try The Goldfinch or The Luminaries or The Signature Of All Things. But I hate totally depressing books so if you see I've chosen one that will make me want to top myself please warn me! I want to read some non-fiction too. Either Desert War: The North African Campaign 1940-1943 or King Leopold's Ghost: A Story of Greed, Terror, and Heroism in Colonial Africa.


What I'm most looking forward to:

The major upgrade of book cataloging on Booklikes. Hurry up guys!