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Review: Naked in Death

Naked in Death - J.D. Robb

What can I say that hasn't been said a million times before. Great heroine. Eve is tough but not unbelievably 'super-powered'. Socially withdrawn but competent and determined. She's someone I would like to know better.


Roarke is an old-fashioned billionaire alpha. His stalkerish behaviour felt like a precursor to Christian Grey but I have it on good authority that his part in Eve's story improves as the series progresses.


I realised while reading this (I kept putting it aside and picking it up again reluctantly) that I've had enough of the common crime/mystery tropes. Serial killers and child molesters in fiction annoy me for various reasons (boring, overdone, deliberately sensationalist). I was going to pick up book 2 but the blurb says that Roarke becomes a suspect again in Eve's latest case. Considering he was also a suspect in book 1 I don't think I can sit through the same conversations and suspicions all over again.


I think if I'd read this several years ago (it's almost 20 years old) I would have loved it. The futuristic setting and Eve's independence would have felt ground-breaking and exciting. But these days the romantic urban fantasy genre has moved on from the slightly dated feel and poor world-building of Naked In Death. So only 3 stars but if I had read this in 1995, I would have given 5 stars for sure.