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Review: Indexing

Indexing (Kindle Serial) - Seanan McGuire

This started life as one of Amazon's serial format stories. I waited to buy it when it was complete and there were parts I enjoyed and parts that didn't work as well.


Fairy Tales are true and are waiting to co-opt unsuspecting humans to act out their stories with often lethal results. The ATI Management Bureau is in charge of stopping these fairy tales before they reach their climax. This is more of an ensemble cast than focusing on one or two main characters. The ATI team, led by Henrietta Marchen (an unactivated Snow White) are all in various stages of being taken over by their own tales and trying very hard to resist. In some ways it's quite a dark, sad story although of course there is a HEA for everyone.


While I think the concept is great, the way that the author chops and changes the fairy tale rules to suit her story was confusing and inconsistent and made it hard for me to connect with the plot.


The story is told in a series of numbered cases, e.g. 

Chapter 8

Memetic incursion in progress: estimated tale type 440 ("The Frog Prince")

Statue: ACTIVE

This would have suited the serial format well but reading it as a complete story didn't work quite as well. I've read standalone novels that successfully used the 'case' format before (e.g. the first two of Megan Derr's Dance series) but here it left me a little disappointed with the overall story arc and the flatness of the ending. 


So I enjoyed it... sort of. It was clever and I think it must have been a lot of hard work for the author to put it all together. I wonder what she thinks of the experience/finished product compared to her other books?