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Review: Cinder

Cinder  - Marissa Meyer

3.75 stars. This blurb and cover are hard to resist. A cyborg Cinderella, ostracised by society. A noble prince prepared to make a terrible sacrifice to save his people. And a deadly plague set upon the earth by a devious alien queen. The futuristic concepts and the engaging, twisty plot are well done. It's like a scifi cyberpunk young adult story. It's easy to read and the pace is quite fast. I may have liked this more if it had been written without the Cinderella references but there's no doubt that it draws prospective readers into the story. There is a fairly obvious twist about Cinder's true identity but it's what I wanted to happen so I was happy with that. Her step-family and the other characters are all really appealing (even the baddies). There's a slight unresolved romance and it ends on a big cliffhanger but luckily several sequels are out now so I can go straight on to book 2.