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Review: Dark Lycan

Dark Lycan (Carpathian) - Christine Feehan

I haven't read one of Christine Feehan's books for years but I thought I'd try this latest release where she introduces Lycans as heroes. I felt a little nostalgic while I was reading due to the retro feel of the paranormal romance aspects. I think with the popularity of darker romantic Urban Fantasy, purely Paranormal Romance does feel a little passe these days. I had no trouble picking up the story despite not reading the last 3 or 4 books. Things move very slowly in the overall series story arc. And it's probably the overall story that interested me the most. I found the romance to be as dull as ditchwater. I think it's because there's no conflict or sexual tension. The couple accept each other instantly. Their declarations were formal and old-fashioned which probably fits in with the Carpathian/vampire setting but only served to emphasise the retro feel for me. I skimmed through lots of pages because it's so repetitive. It's made up of recurrent Lycan/Carpathian battles and the resulting chanting and woo-woo healing of wounds was unrelentingly the same, chapter after chapter. Nevertheless I can see why readers come back for more in this long-running series. The whole lifemate thing is very romantic and the overall story arc keeps you engaged.