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Reading update for The Emperor's Blades

The Emperor's Blades - Brian Staveley

60% - I'm enjoying it but my God these siblings are losers. At EVERY SINGLE TURN they are outwitted and outfought. Nothing goes their way. Even their teachers and leaders act against them. It's very frustrating. And I can't understand why Valyn didn't tell someone that Hin was murdered. That seemed like a classic TSTL move to me. 


19% - The story follows three siblings in the period just before and after the murder of their father, the Emperor. Where they are and the lives they have been living is just as interesting as the intrigue surrounding the murder. There is so much tension because the two young men in particular are trapped and unable to reach each other or return to the capital. And they are both threatened by unknown foes. There are also some shadowy inhuman races being introduced, supposedly vanquished and extinct but I'm sure they are making a comeback somehow. I love the writing except for the author's use of 'drop off of' and 'fall off of'. Ugh, I hate modern US speech in fantasy stories. 


2% - First chapter down and already I am pulled into the story.