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Review: The Rook

The Rook  - Daniel O'Malley

Totally loved this cross between urban fantasy and the Bourne Identity. From the first scene where Myfanwy Thomas opens her eyes onto a strange world without her memories and surrounded by dead people in latex gloves I was hooked. The letters from 'old Myfanwy' to the new version are an excellent way to introduce the reader to the shadowy world of bizarre superheros, the Checquy. Towards the end I was screaming though as one chapter ended with 'present Myfanwy' in dire straits then the next one took us back to 'old Myfanwy's' tale. But it was interwoven so well and really contributed to the suspense and connected us emotionally with the previous Myf.


I loved all the secondary characters. The other Checquy staff were like dangerous squabbling siblings. Gotta love 'em but you could easily kill them. Even the bad guys were brilliant. Especially Gestalt. The bizarre 'gifts' of the superheroes were so imaginative and unlike anything else I've read in UF.


The action is quite fast but easy to read and there are often moments of sly humour to balance things out.


'Bishop Petoskey, this is Pawn Poppat.'

'Pawn Poppat, it's a particular pleasure,' Shantay said.

Myfanwy shot her a reproving look.


Thoroughly recommended!