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Review: The Last Argument Of Kings

Last Argument of Kings  - Joe Abercrombie

I'm having a lot of trouble letting go of this series. I finished it about 18 hours ago and I'm still thinking about the story and characters and searching websites for hints and clues and anything that will prolong the experience.


As I thought might happen, things began to come apart about halfway through the book. Revelations about Logen's beserker rages and his part in turning Bethod into a King were hard to swallow. Bayaz's personal and shallow rivalry with his Mage brother Khalul was exposed as the reason for all the lives lost and all the evil perpetrated upon the three kingdoms. Even the comic relief that Practical Frost provides is not left unsullied.


And yet...


It is completely appropriate and right that the story ends this way. And I realised that Joe Abercrombie would have to try a hell of a lot harder before before he could make me believe that Glokta and Logen and the others were completely irredeemable. 


Ferro went from being one of my least liked characters to one of my faves. I would love to see her (or her and Logen's love child - wouldn't that be a kicker!) in a series where they take on Bayaz (the big bald bastard!!!).


I think this author is a genius although his refusal to provide maps with his stories is frustrating. Apparently it is just too old school and uncool for the new batch of grimdark writers. Luckily I found a great fanart map that did the trick: 



I am so glad that I read the final volume several years after it was published and that in the meantime another book was written featuring a character that we thought was lost at the end of the Last Argument Of Kings. I would have been GUTTED otherwise.


Say one thing about Logen Ninefingers, say he's still alive.


As per usual I prefer the kindle cover. This is King Jezal the First. Once a vain and shallow soldier, used as a puppet his whole life, but with surprising depths and hollows.