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Review: Tschai

Tschai - Jack Vance

I've been rediscovering the works of '80's Scifi/Fantasy author Jack Vance who passed away in 2013. While the Lyonesse series definitely stood the test of time, this novel - originally a collection of four stories - did feel a little dated. The hero Adam Reith, was more of a 'player' than I remembered and the female characters were lacklustre. However the adventures that this resourceful human castaway has as he traverses the planet of Tschai looking for a way home, remain as vivid and imaginative as ever. 


It seems that after the author's passing, his works were revisited and repackaged for a 21st century audience. This novel used to be called Planet Of Adventure. I first read it with the gorgeous cover I've attached below. Perhaps they felt POA was a less sophisticated title but I liked it. Also they've changed the name of one of the alien races from the Wankh to the Wannek. The PC police at work again.


I've also included here some gorgeous fan art that gives a better idea of the 4 alien species Adam encounters:


The 1985 cover:


The Chasch


The Dirdir


The Pnume


The Wankh (Wannek)


Fanart source: http://www.coolfrenchcomics.com/tschai1.htm