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Review: Reawakening

Reawakening - Amy Rae Durreson

I saw this getting some good reviews from my mm reading friends and thought I'd try it but I found it fairly ho hum to be honest. I've been reading a lot of groundbreaking mainstream fantasy lately and I think this book suffered by comparison. If you read in the mm genre alone you would probably appreciate this a lot more.


In this tale a dragon is reawakened after centuries of sleep and healing to fight his old enemy, the Shadow. Along the way he needs to rebuild his hoard starting with a lively desert sprite that has caught his eye.


The start was interesting with the dragon's reawakening and re-assimilation into the human world. But there was too much sex and too little story. There was nothing new in the world-building, the identity of the 'bad guy' was obvious, and Gard's petulant resistance to Tarn's protection annoyed me. Oh and all the characters were gay. All. Of. Them. It was too pc and happy clappy for me. I skimmed a lot to get to the end more quickly.