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Review: Skinwalker

Skinwalker - Faith Hunter

Interesting book but not enough to make me want to read more. Jane Yellowrock is not really sure of her antecedents apart from that she's a skinwalker and she has an entity called the Beast with whom she shares her mind and body.


Initially I enjoyed the story. The mystery of what Jane is, the dual nature of human/beast, and her kickass accoutrements (the bike, the fetishes, the leather, etc). I also liked the way the author treated the concept of mass when changing from one size form to another. I liked the visual of the rocks in the back yard.


Unfortunately the story was extremely repetitive. The parts where the Beast talks were not interesting enough to carry the almost 30% of the novel that they take up. Beast speaks in truncated phrases like, "Hunt prey, Eat meat, Run", etc, etc, etc, You can't have dialogue like that go on for long before it becomes unreadable. There are other things that are repeated ad nauseum, Jane's tea making, her diet, her hair, her guns. 


The progress of Jane's investigation felt circular. She spent all her time prowling around in beast form sniffing where the rogue had been. I think her whole plan was just to keep wandering around New Orleans at night until she accidentally bumped into the villain and in fact that is what happens. The vamps, who were being terrorized by the rogue were bewilderingly unhelpful and always posturing with their vampy teeth.


Beast also has an instinctive urge to mate and forces Jane into displaying a physical interest in men that she may not have if left to her own devices. The main male characters are of the muscle bound gym-bunny physique with biceps that strain the sleeves of their $10,000 Armani suits or their tight black tees. None of them were charismatic nor seemed worthy love interests for an urban fantasy heroine. None of them even seemed to like Jane that much.


Maybe I'm being too critical. I never once thought about putting the book aside. But I was aware while reading that the series is up to book 7 now, and while all reviews seem to indicate the author's writing has improved a lot, there is still no resolution regarding a love interest. Jane seems to vacillate helplessly between a bunch of guys that respect her fighting and are interested in her physically but don't love her. I have a feeling it will be like the never-ending Anita Blake series or end up like Sookie Stackhouse where no-one liked the guy she finally picked after a bazillion books. I can't find anywhere on line where the author shares how many books will be in the series.