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Review: Archetype

Archetype - M.D. Waters

Excellent dystopian scifi romance. This is book 1 in a trilogy. I noticed the book in a discussion called Impatience Has Its Reward: Books Are Rolled Out Faster. Not that I was looking for a series that's coming out quickly. I'm quite happy for authors to wait a year between novels. But I'm always on the lookout for good book recommendations and this was definitely a good one.


The book starts with a confused young woman called Emma waking up in a medical facility. A man who says he's her husband is doting and attentive but Emma is troubled by strange dreams that speak of another life and she is constantly watched and tested by a sinister doctor. I won't spoiler the story because finding out who Emma is and what is going on in this dystopian future are what make it so good. This story trope is a common one but the author is able to make it suspenseful and surprising.


As Emma's memories return she is torn between the safety of her new life and the emotional ties of her old life and the two men who represent each. But this isn't one of those annoying YA love triangles. The situation she finds herself in is tragic and dangerous and neither man can be trusted. The revelations in the end are shocking and there is a spectacular cliffhanger! I'm definitely on board for book 2 in July.