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Review: City Wolf

City Wolf: Werewolf Romance Goes to Town (Axton and Leander) - S.P. Wayne

Sequel to one of my favourite shifter romances in 2013. City Wolf takes up exactly where Winter Wolf left off. Axton is nervously making plans to travel to the city to visit Leander. The first 50% of the book is like a honeymoon period where Axton and Leander live together in LA. Nothing much happens. Axton remains adorably skittish and Leander is the perfect boyfriend. We get to know Lee a lot better in this volume as we meet his family and friends and see what he's like away from the woods. I thought the city wolf of the title referred to Axton living in LA but as the story progresses Leander's protectiveness and community spirit make you realise that in fact it refers to him.


The intimacy between the two heroes is arousing and very romantic. They tend to wax poetic in their thoughts and declarations to each other which was totally swoon-worthy except for right at the beginning where Lee's quotes of love to Axton felt a little awkward. They have that tragic Montague/Capulet-forbidden-love vibe going on and inevitably problems arise when someone from Axton's past intrudes on their bliss and threatens their security.


The ending is shocking and sad and OMG Axton, How. Could. You! I thought the wait for book 2 was hard but the time between now and book 3 is going to be a thousand times worse. There are a small handful of typos but not enough to distract me from reading. Not as good as Winter Wolf, partly because it misses the evocative setting as that first novel, but still very enjoyable.