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Review: Jaded

Jaded  - Anne Calhoun

As the author reminds us several times in the text this is a small-town cop/librarian romance. The story starts off with Alana initiating a casual physical relationship with Lucas to introduce something different into her life before she returns to the big city. Unfortunately the author harped on so much about Alana's blushing turning Lucas on, that it ended up being a big turn-off. I didn't really connect with them as a couple and skimmed most of the sex scenes which is unusual for me with an Anne Calhoun book. 


What stood out in this book was the underlying theme of change and how Alana's presence in the small town affected others. The really clever thing the author did was allow the townspeople to fix themselves and not have Alana 'rescue' them. The penultimate scenes between Lucas and the troubled teen Cody are really touching. There was no foreshadowing that Lucas would do what he did and it was so surprising and beautiful that it made me cry. Unfortunately the relationship between Lucas and Alana didn't have the same emotional impact, thus the lower rating.


If you're looking for other books like this the best cop/librarian romance is Open Season by Linda Howard.