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Review: Half-Off Ragnarok

Half-Off Ragnarok - Seanan McGuire

I have been enjoying this series but I found this book a little strange. It's written in the first person POV of the hero, Alex Price. Unfortunately I couldn't distinguish his voice from the usual POV of a female Urban Fantasy heroine. It was confusing. He just didn't read like a guy. I think the author was also trying to make him a geek but that was too inconsistent to really make his character come alive. I'm all for beta heroes but it didn't work for me here.


The relationship between Alex and Shelby was lukewarm and Shelby seemed to blow hot and cold in her affections. At times she was pushy and acted even more masculine than the hero. She was annoyingly Australian (for me as an Aussie, the author picked out all the traits that are embarrassingly over-emphasized in the media). I found their gender roles so bizarre that I was actually relieved there were no sex scenes between them. The coincidence of Shelby also being a cryptozoologist just didn't work for me. Completely unbelievable. 


As usual I enjoyed the world of cryptids and cryptozoology that the author has created. And I will definitely continue the series. The next book is also about Alex and Shelby and I'm happy to give it a go.


One little thing that bugged me was that I couldn't see where the unusual title came form. But on the positive side I love the cover art.