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Review: Murder Of Crows

Murder of Crows  - Anne Bishop

Wow. Fabulous sequel to last year's Written In Red. In book one the focus was purely on the small community of the Lakeside Courtyard. In Book two the focus widens to encompass neighbouring communities, unrest throughout the continent of Thaisia, and even worrying global trends that threaten war.



This book made me fall in love with the characters even more. The author doesn't take one misstep with her characterisation. The Terre Indigene haven't lost any of their brutality. Even during the final battle I felt, along with the human doctor, sickened by the reality of what the TI are capable of. I can really understand the thin line the humans helping the TI are walking. And why they question all the time if the path they have chosen is right.


My favourite secondary character is the middle-aged detective Monty. He is such an interesting person. His backstory, his bad relationship with his wife and fears for his daughter so far away, his wisdom and bravery. I just love him so much and apart from the two MC's his happiness is the ending I'm most looking forward to.


The seriousness and tension of the storyline is lightened by the humorous misunderstandings between the two species. 


What can I say about Simon and Meg. One a formidable Terre Indigene and one a vulnerable gifted human, both innocents in their own way, navigating the fraught waters of friendship and love in a dangerous world. It's just a magnificent fictional relationship. I am really loving the slow pace of it all.


I hope the author takes her time with this series. I'm more than happy to wait if it gives her the time to create stories like this.