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Review: Dead Witch Walking

Dead Witch Walking  - Kim Harrison

I'd forgotten about this UF series until I saw a positive review of book 12 which has just been released. It was encouraging to read that the writing and plot was still going strong that far into the series so I bought book one and I'm so glad I did. It was much better than I was expecting.


We meet Rachel at a pivotal point in her life. Everything has been going badly for her at her job with the IS so she quits and opens an independant agency with her dangerous vampire friend, Ivy, and an annoying pixie, Jenks. Rachel has plenty of enemies and assassins after her and she goes through a big learning curve in terms of her witchy abilities in order to survive.


I was engaged by this story after only a few pages and read it in one sitting. Ivy is very mysterious as are all the the people Rachel meets. Everyone seems to have secrets and I'm eager to know what they are. I like that Rachel isn't a real badass but has the possibility of becoming stronger as the series progresses. I can see plenty of opportunity for internal conflict too as her principles are tested by the exigencies of her job.


Straight on to book 2.