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Review: Neanderthal Seeks Human

Neanderthal Seeks Human: A Smart Romance  - Penny Reid

This is one of the contemporary romances nominated in the DABWAHA competition. I can see why people like it. It has that geek girl/billionaire alpha male vibe. But the whole time I was reading I was reminded of other books that have done that trope better.


The heroine, Janie, is hard to pin down. Is she a socially awkward Mensa type? No it can't be that cause she's thick as two bricks. Does she have Aspergers/OCD? Maybe but it's not clear. The appeal of the book hinges on the readers enjoyment of her weird behaviour but for me she was inconsistently drawn and bizarre. I didn't dislike her and she was funny at times but I didn't believe in her.


This is a romance that has pretensions of being chick-lit. The series is obviously based on a group of women who get together to knit and drink wine. But their regular get-togethers in the book are totally redundant. They add NOTHING to the story. The women are not fleshed out as characters. We are just given superficial descrioptions of them as being token blondes/brunettes/redheads with the usual traits of free-spirit, geek, model-type, etc. They are just there to squee over Janie's sexual encounters with the hero and to draw the reader in (not successfully) to other books in the series.


There are some funny lines and I liked the epilogue from the hero's POV. But at the end of the book I found myself comparing it unfavourably to other books who have done this storyline a lot better.