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A Storm of Swords - George R.R. Martin

I've just finished watching the Game Of Thrones season 3 DVD and I'm all shook up. I've just wasted 4 hours searching for the perfect map of Westeros on the internet. Subsequently I've made a rash decision to buy A Storm Of Swords and start reading the series from there.


I love everything about this series. Especially the reading and viewing culture that has grown up around it. My favourite 'pre-review' rant is from a desperate fan commenting on Book 7 (which isn't out for a few years):


"I promise you this Mr. George Arr Arr Martin, if you have the audacity to die before you finish this series, I will wait patiently until I die as well, all the while plotting my revenge, then I will suck your spirit down into an abyss filled with thousands and thousand of clones of Kathy Bates with sledge hammers and Dr. Quinn Medicine Women. They will all stand in line, each waiting for their chance to break every bone in your body and then heal you in turn. And in the background I'll be playing Fox News Channel. Try me. 

And don't even think to ask Jesus for mercy, he hasn't liked you since you killed off Ned Stark. (The show didn't help you any either, he always had a soft spot for Boromir. Seriously, Boromir has to die again?)"


And this hilarious piece from some elitist book fans dissing fans of the TV series:




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