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Review: Heaven's Queen

Heaven's Queen - Rachel Bach

Last installment in a really outstanding Scifi romance trilogy. This is a great mix of military scifi and space opera with an unforgettable heroine, heart-pounding action and a star-crossed romance. I'm finding it hard to make any criticism of this book. I know it's not perfect but I've enjoyed the ride SO MUCH. 


In this volume all the secrets are laid bare. The wrap up of Maat's and the Daughters stories, what the Phantoms are, and the nature of Devi's disease, comes together perfectly. Devi is basically on the run the whole time, dodging the Eyes, the Terrans, the Lelgis and various other players. Although the action is really exciting and has some brilliant high points there was so much escape/capture, escape/capture, escape/capture that it became annoyingly predictable. 


Devi learns a lot about herself on the way but never loses those characteristics that makes her so unique. She starts out as a tough, supremely confident fighter, covered in deadly armour (which she affectionately calls Lady Grey) and never loses that drive from the first word in the trilogy to the last. She is blindly patriotic to her country and her saintly Paradoxian King Stephen. She's also a motormouth and never backs down which provides a lot of the light relief.


Over the three books the romantic arc flows from infatuation to shocking betrayal to cautious allegiance before returning full circle to absolute trust and true love. Rupert is a great hero. Very flawed.

I wasn't sure why the author introduced the 'symbiont attacking its loved ones when sleeping' angle. That was really out of the blue and felt like an idea just tacked on to the story.

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I thought Nova's father, Nebulon, and his alternative space/plasmex loving existence was going to have more significance to the story but he ended up being a bit of a disappointment.


My biggest peeve was the ending with Caldwell and Mabel. I could understand them fighting against Devi and Rupert but why the hell were they let off with a wink and a thumbs up after nearly killing the heroes? Definitely not enough penance or payback for those two. Especially Mabel who I really didn't like at all. 

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So a little shaky at the finish but overall an exuberant, sophisticated scifi adventure that I will definitely be reading over and over again.