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Review: It Happened One Wedding

It Happened One Wedding - Julie James

I love Julie James contemporary romances. I even like the fact that she takes her time with them and only releases one per year. I love that her heroines are so smart, and sexy and take no prisoners. Likewise her heroes, while very alpha, are also intelligent.


The formula is unchanged here. The story takes place against a backdrop of a hastily planned wedding where the best man and bridesmaid try (and fail) to resist their explosive attraction.


What took away the 1 1/2 stars was the abrupt ending. I actually thought there was something wrong with the ebook and flicked back and forth a few pages and even closed and re-opened the book to see where the rest of it had gone. Unfortunately I was wrong. I think the story needed some climax involving the FBI's sting operation. Preferably involving Sidney. The action part of the storyline fell flat.


Still the rest of it was great.