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Review: Stay With Me by S.E. Harmon

Stay With Me - S.E. Harmon

Great contemporary m/m romance from a new author. I loved Mac. His little flashes of 'queen' suited him perfectly and his fear of love was very believable. It made me tearful for him a few times. Jordan was the perfect foil. I appreciated the author's treatment of the ex girlfriend and Mac's relatives. No horrible stereotypes at all, just natural normal people. The sex is hot but the emotion is there too in spades. Hard to believe this is the author's first book? I wouldn't mind reading Nick's story too. Actually I wouldn't mind reading anything this author wrote...


You gotta give it to Dreamspinner Press. While other m/m publishers rehash the same authors, they are always sourcing new talent.


Edited to add: About the secondary characters. There's just enough fleshing out of them to make me want to read their stories without the author bashing us over the head with it. You know how in some series, each book turns into a setup for the next couple? It's not like that at all here. I also have a suspicion that Mac's brother, Robby, is gay too. Just his defense of Darcy, his secretive talks with his father and the way he seems anguished by Mac's good relationship with Robby's son Case. It's all very vague and non-specific, and that's only my interpretation of Robby's distress on the couple of occasions we see Mac interacting with Case. But still... Why put that in there if it wasn't going to be enlarged upon?