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Review: The Duality Paradigm

The Duality Paradigm (Book 1) - Lia Cooper

Solid m/m urban fantasy by a new author. The introduction is great. Totally snared my attention and made me want to read on. Here's part of it:

The magically inclined tend to share a common, and disastrous, personality profile: narcissistic, self-absorbed and forgetful. And if you think they make terrible spouses, then the truth is, they make even worse mates. This is something every wolfcub knows, in his blood.


In his bones.

Luckily the book mostly lives up to its promise. Like all urban fantasy this is the first book in a series. There's a complete story arc although the romance between the two MC's is only just starting and I'm presuming this will continue to develop over ?several books. This is a full-length novel and the mystery plot, although not really new or original, is sufficiently exciting. The dynamic between Ellison and Clanahan is excellent. I love UF so this storytelling style is right up my alley.


Unfortunately there are a fair few typos. Why would the author let her book be stuffed up by something so simple and easily rectifiable?? Microsoft Word is not sufficient to edit your books SPA's!!