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Les Recidivists (Chance Assassin) - Nicole Castle

I reread Chance Assassin before starting this sequel and it was just as great as I remembered. Les Recidivists is a whole other story however. There are four POV's. Vincent and Frank, and Ethan and Bella. Unfortunately the basic digital formatting doesn't provide any breaks between the POV's and I'm halfway into another character's head before I've realised that the narrator has changed. It's confusing and annoying.


Bella was an OK secondary character in book one but for me she doesn't have the appeal to be an MC. She's coarse and one dimensional. At this stage I'm with Ethan's mother in wishing she'd piss off. Her romantic dynamic with Ethan doesn't appeal to me. She is bossy, fickle and irrational and he is effeminate and artistic. He just seems gay to me. It's strange to seem him with a brutish woman who takes every opportunity to display her fanny (vagina) to everyone.


And what the hell happened to my beautiful psychotic teen Vincent?? He's like a boring mature man. There is definitely not enough Vincent/Frank time in this book. So far I'm really struggling with this and household chores are becoming a welcome distraction.