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Review: Stuff by Josephine Myles

Stuff - Josephine Myles

A flighty and flirty retail assistant (Mas) needs to find a safe place quickly when he is sacked and nearly caught after a half-hearted shoplifting attempt. He happens upon the cluttered vintage clothing shop of Peregrine Cavendish-Fiennes and his flash personality wins him a job. The two are very attracted to one another despite being worlds apart in personality and upbringing. 


I think I skimmed a lot of book 1 in this series. It was so heavy on the mental illness angle. This book (number 2) is much easier to read and has more focus on the couple. On the surface, very appealing characters and a sweet romance. I liked the British accents, the make-over of Perry's shop and Mas's character growth. The story was kept fairly light with lots of allusions about, but no delving into, Perry's past. And Mas's ex-sugar daddy felt more like a useful plot device than a real situation.


Unfortunately the author inserted herself regularly into Mas's character with soap-boxy, politically correct statements about transgender romance, polyamory, open relationships, kink and 'heteronormative assumptions of sexual roles in gay relationships'. It was too much like those ranty m/m author blogposts where they castigate readers for their vanilla reading preferences. I felt like I was being lectured to.


P.S. The cover. The guy at the back... His head is too big for his body. Photoshop FAIL!